Our mandate to take care

Our goal is to provide the physicians in Schleswig-Holstein with good financial care in case of retirement or occupational disability. This can only be achieved together: Our active members do not build up their own provision with their compulsory contributions solely. As a collective, they co-finance the care of their current and future colleagues in solidarity. Every member benefits from the fact that our pension scheme owns assets being built up by previous generations of members and being invested in the long term. The income generated from this is used to finance the pension benefits. The assets autonomous from the assets of the Medical Association.  They serve exclusively a specific purpose. We perform our tasks exclusively with our own resources and do not receive any government subsidies.

We would like to be your first point of contact for fundamental questions about your retirement provision and your retirement planning. Because the amount of the retirement pension to be expected from us usually forms the basis for your further planning. We strongly encourage many of our active members to do more for their retirement in good time. Because the compulsory contribution is often not enough to maintain the standard of living achieved during the active working life. An optimal pension strategy usually includes additional contributions on a voluntary basis at least temporarily in addition to the compulsory contribution. Thus higher tax deduction options are used to full capacity. Our staff will be happy to advise you on this.

We grant new members the following benefits:

  • Retirement pension
  • Occupational disability pension
  • Child allowance for disability pension
  • Widow’s (widower’s), orphan’s and surviving life partner’s pension
  • Rehabilitation allowance

Our pension scheme’s assets are autonomous from the assets of the Medical Association (Ärztekammer) as a special fund.