Pension rights adjustment

In the event of a divorce, the family court will enact a pension adjustment. The spouses pension rights which were acquired during their marriage time are divided evenly between the spouses.

The family court decides on the pension adjustment. This is a compulsory part of the divorce proceedings.

When dividing the pension entitlements, each spouse receives half of each entitlement of the other spouse.

If both spouses are members of the pension fund, this compensation is conducted by offsetting.

If the spouse entitled to equalization is not a member of our pension fund, he or she receives his own entitlement to an old-age pension from us in the amount of 50% of the entitlement acquired by our member during the marriage time and later receives his own retirement pension from the pension fund. The spouse entitled to compensation does not become a member of the pension fund. Therefore, the spouse entitled to equalization may not pay any contribution to us.

With the transfer of half of the entitlement to the spouse entitled to compensation, the entitlement of our member who is obliged to compensate is reduced accordingly. As a member, you may replenish this reduction through additional payments as long as you are not yet drawing a pension.

Further information can be found in our information sheet on pension rights adjustment.

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