Compulsory contributions by employed physicians

As an employed physician you have to pay the same amount of contribution which you would have to pay as an insured person under the statutory pension scheme. However, at least 1/10 of the standard contribution is to be paid. The standard contribution applicable in 2024 is € 1,404.30 per month.

The contribution rate to the statutory pension insurance is currently 18.6% of your gross earnings. The income threshold (€ 7,550 per month in 2024) forms the upper limit.

Your contributions are shared equally between you and your employer in accordance with Section 172 a SGB VI. In order to receive this subsidy, you have to be exempt from compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance.

Important! An exemption from the compulsory pension insurance only applies to the specific professional activity performed. A new application for exemption should therefore be submitted with regard to every change of job. If you do not want to be exempted from the statutory pension insurance obligation, you are subject to double contribution obligations.

You have to apply for exemption from statutory pension insurance. The application should be submitted within three months after starting your job in order to unfold an effect on your first salary statement. If you miss this deadline, the exemption takes effect from the moment you submit your application: This means that you have to pay contributions to both the Deutsche Rentenversicherung and the pension fund up to this point.

Please follow the subsequent link, fill in the requested data in the application form for exemption from statutory pension insurance to submit it to us. We take care of everything else.

You can find the application form here:

All you have to do is to fill in and sign the application for exemption from statutory pension insurance. We take care of everything else.