for new members

All new members of the pension fund have to fill out this form and send it back to us.

With this application, salaried members can be exempted from compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance in favor of the Pension Fund of the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association.

With this form you authorize us to withdraw the contribution from your bank account. We take care of the timely collection of your contribution. If you change the contribution percentage or the contribution assessment limit, you do not have to change any standing orders.

With this form, civil servants and soldiers can be insured with us after leaving the service.


for existing members

With this form, members who make a contribution below the standard contribution may apply for additional contributions to the basic service.

With this form, members who already pay the standard contribution to the basic service may apply to participate in the voluntary additional insurance.

You may use this form to notify us of membership-related changes.

You may use this form to notify us of a change in your bank details.

With this application you may apply to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung for the recognition of child-rearing periods.

Here you will find useful information on filling in the application form.


for outgoing members

You may use this form to apply for the contributions being paid to us to be transferred to your new pension fund.

With this form, members whose compulsory membership ends with us and who are not compulsory members of another pension fund may apply for voluntary continuation of membership in the pension fund of the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association.