Membership information

Do you work as a physician in Schleswig-Holstein or you currently do not practise but live in Schleswig-Holstein as your principal residence? Then we look forward to welcome you as our compulsory member.

As a member of the pension fund, you pay contributions to a care system specially tailored to the needs of the medical profession.

You will get a compulsory membership release if you already accomplished the standard retirement age or if you unable to work when registering with the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association. Lifelong civil servants and professional soldiers get an exemption exempt from compulsory membership.

In special exceptional cases you may be exempted from compulsory membership in the pension fund.

Compulsory membership in the pension fund ends when you leave the Medical Association of Schleswig-Holstein or become a civil servant for life or a professional soldier. In certain cases you may voluntarily continue your membership in our pension fund.

At the end of your membership, we will, of course, continue the entitlement based on the contributions you have made so far. In future, it will continue to participate in the dynamisation samplings decided by the supervisory board.

In case you will become a compulsory member of another pension fund, you may opt for transferring the contributions paid to our pension scheme to your new pension scheme. The prerequisite is you are not just yet 50 years old and the period of your contribution payments to our pension scheme is not longer than 96 months. By transition all rights and obligations of your membership relationship with our pension scheme expire. Please find the download of the corresponding transfer application below.

We provide you with all membership information and information about contributions transfer in our information sheets – see download below.

We offer our help regarding all questions about membership and will be happy to advise you.