Voluntary additional insurance

You don‘t want to give up your accustomed standard of living in old age? In this case you should pay contributions to our voluntary additional insurance. The basic care, to which you pay your compulsory contributions, is only a „basic care“ despite its high level of benefits. For many members, the pension only covers the costs of “normal” living. Anyone who wants to travel a lot in old ages, plans major purchases (e.g. buying a car) or has to take care of relatives, is well advised to build up another pillar for the pension in good time. This may be, for example, a securities account, a private pension insurance or an owner-occupied or rented property. We offer our members another option with voluntary additional insurance.

Payments into the voluntary additional insurance – as well as the compulsory contributions made to the basic pension – can be deducted from (German) taxes as pension expenses. The resulting effect is enormous for many members: the annual tax liability may often be reduced by 20 to 30% of the contributions paid into the voluntary additional insurance. Please contact to your tax advisor or your tax office.

Our pension fund “belongs” to our members. Any generated surpluses benefit our members exclusively. The administrative costs of the pension fund are on a low level. There are no distribution costs – in comparison to the costs of many private insurance companies.

The voluntary additional insurance generates a particularly lucrative contribution / performance ratio. The calculated interest on the contributions paid is 2.5% annually. By way of comparison: the current guaranteed interest rate prescribed by the state for pension insurance from private insurance companies is 0.9% annually.

Your contributions are safe with us. Our pension scheme is subject to investment regulations and compliance monitored by a state supervisory authority.

You may end your premium payments for the voluntary additional insurance at any time and also resume it later at any time. Just as it suits your personal life situation.

You can find detailed information about the voluntary additonal insurance here:

Contributions to the voluntary additional insurance must be „applied for“. An unbureaucratic notification of the intended contribution payment is sufficient for this: Please call us or send us an email or a message in writing. You are welcome to use the prepared form attached. It is important to inform us about the starting date amount you would like to pay into the voluntary additional insurance. If you want your account to be debited regularly, we need a SEPA direct debit mandate signed by you.

The application form for contributions to the voluntary additional insurance can be found here:

Don’t give up your accustomed standard of living in old age! Pay contributions to our voluntary additional insurance.